“Family is in the service of love, love is in the service of the family”
John Paul II

Moja Rodzina [My Family] is a band comprised of – Aldona and Artur Wiśniewscy (100) as well as Antonina (25), Gabriel (22), Szymon (19), Mikołaj (17) and Jeremiasz(15). Since 2009, the band has been performing at evangelization concerts with testimony, participating in Christian Music Festivals, educational projects, recollections, and workshops for musicians. The band performs at Sunday services, Adoration Evenings, and prayer meetings.
Music has always accompanied us, it has become our shared passion and a way to spend our free time together. Songs would appear spontaneously – first of them were dedicated to children. After many years, the oldest siblings Antonina and Gabryś have begun to compose as well.

Family is strength, and Christ living in the family is Power.
Our texts allow the reader to glimpse at our reflection on God’s immense love, but also adoration full of joy and enthusiasm. Our songs are also an expression of a quest for finding one’s life-path and that which is most important – love. Our compositions draw upon a variety of styles and music genres. Through education we have become familiar with works of classical music and art history. Apart from this, all musicians have their fascinations which in the case of this band extend to, among others, jazz, film music, choral music, and many other genres.
Over the recent years, the band has been performing all over Poland, e.g. at the March for Jesus, Be Like Jesus, Of One Heart Of One Spirit, as well as at numerous Papal Concerts. It has also had an opportunity to perform for the Polish diaspora in Ireland. The band has also participated in a host of media campaigns. Being a family band, we participate in Pro-Life events, emphasizing the value of life and family.
We give our thanks to God for our Home Church in which we have lived in the holy matrimony for twenty years, for priests – spiritual guides, for retreats, for the people we meet every day and from whom we learn how to love Christ.