Aldona Wisniewska, mom

Electro-acoustic guitar, Vocal

I always feel responsible for everything. Music - as far as I can reach back in my memory - always, everywhere. I am a teacher by trade. I give thanks to Jesus for each moment of my life, for each day, for the people I...

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Artur Wiśniewski, Dad


I value peace and harmony. I am a musician by profession. I work in the Płock Centre for Arts and Culture. I admire Bach, Chopin, and works from many other composers. I like listening to jazz music - my favorite artist is Pat Metheny.

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Violin, Vocal

The Lord God bestowed his grace upon me and so I am trying to cultivate and spread kindness. Music, which for me is an important space allows me to express myself through emotions, words, or melody. Performing at concerts is a source of great joy,...

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Photo -journalist

Antosia¹s husband, modest, cheerful and enthusiastic. Extremely caring person, fully dedicated and passionate about everything he does. He likes driving fast.

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Electric guitar, Electro-acoustic guitar, Piano, Violin, Vocal

Jazz, funk, sometimes film or simply climatic music. "Music is God's grandest invention, I know God must be an exquisite musician"- this assumption assists Gabryś when he composes his tunes to the glory of God. During the week he resides in Warsaw where he reads...

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Assistant Promotional Manager

Always full of ideas, motivated, resourceful, deeply caring about the image of our band. Cheerful, brings light, energy and smile to every day.  Gabriel¹s bride to be, fiancee. Studying canon law at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University.

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Bass guitar, Double-bass, Violin, Vocal

For me, the band was a starting point for an adventure with website building - and our website is one of its fruits. During the week he resides in Płock where he reads IT at the Higher Vocational State School.

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I am interested in history, in my free time I play tennis and read. I have always found Chopin's music inspiring. I also dabble in computer graphics.

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I am 15 years old and I play the drums and percussion instruments. My favorite sport is football, I am a big Barcelona fan. I like downtempo sounds - one of my favorite musicians is Simon Green (Bonobo), one of the chief representatives of the...

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