Favorite tune.

Sometimes Leszek Możdżer – Incognitor, sometimes Jamiroqaui – Runaway. Depending on the mood.


Jesus Christ and his Apostles of all times, i.e. St. Paul, St. Francis, St. Maksymilan Kolbe, the Blessed John Paul II and Father Jerzy Popiełuszko.


Holy Scripture and prayer. Also experiences such as retreats or pilgrimages.

Unforgettable experience.

Me face to face with the Holiest Sacrament, each time it is an unforgettable meeting and experience.

On one stage with …

Leszek Możdżer and climatic jazz (I shall be satisfied even if all I contribute is two sounds of my own).

To be a Christian means …

To be a 100% Apostle.

For music, I’d never …

Skip a Barcelona game.

In free time …

Bible, guitar, sport,…

Beware of …

Words, sometimes they hurt more.


“Never complain that your road is an uphill battle since you are aiming to reach the top”.

Favorite joke.

Too long to write:) It’s long and the end is somewhat absurd, which is the best thing about it, and listeners’ faces – their reaction to the punch line – absolutely the best. The joke is about Bobik the Dog who wanted to go racing.


Adoration Evenings

Encounters with Jesus Christ in the Holiest Sacrament. Prayer, music, Sacrament of Penance, Holy Communion. Simply, the love of God touches us personally. In our home parish, but not only, the band prays with communities during Adoration Evenings. Initially, the plans did not extend further than several events, however, it turned out that many faithful look forward to this form of prayer. “Come and take Your Seat, on the throne of our hearts”.